A Company of Core Four Values

Our Core Four Values steer everything we do at GreenStone, and provide guidance for business decisions and strategic planning:

Customer First  •  Deliver Quality  •  Get Involved  •  Do the Right Thing

Rallying around GreenStone’s Core Four Values, employees work as a team to create a company fueled by the desire to best serve each other and our customers every day.

In addition, our employees are honored with the same Core Four respect, and are provided with a culture that promotes innovative thinking, professional development, health and wellness, and a relaxed work environment.

“Our staff tell us how much they really like working for GreenStone, first and foremost because of our culture. We work hard to treat each teammate well with solid salaries and good benefits. But it's the comradery, it's the teamwork, it's the collaboration that our staff get to do with each other, with other departments, and with our customers that I think really drive our employee satisfaction.” – President & CEO Travis Jones

Rewarding Opportunities

Living out our Core Four Values everyday creates a culture that receives attention from various places, from award winning work to recognition and awards. Below is a sample of organizations we are excited to partner and receive recognition from: