Passion? Bring it!

At GreenStone, students with varying college majors and interests spend their summers immersed in an industry that is responsible for feeding the world. Interns are quickly absorbed into their respective teams and assigned meaningful projects beneficial to their learning and GreenStone as a whole. Our inclusive work environment allows for interaction between interns and upper-level management.

GreenStone’s internship program allows students to develop the skills they already possess, while equipping them with new skills and techniques in a hands-on, real-world work environment. Each intern is chosen based on college major, academic achievement and leadership ability. GreenStone places great importance on intern development, as full-time employment can be a consideration. Many of our internships result in full time employment after graduation.

Launching Leaders Program

Farm Credit will award any student, or recent graduate, from an Historically Black College or University (HBCU) hired to intern at Farm Credit a $3,500 Launching Leaders Stipend in hopes of both attracting students to choose Farm Credit internships and helping remove cost as a barrier to interested students. Farm Credit is a mission-driven system of cooperative lending institutions and supporting people of color in agriculture and rural communities is an integral part of our mission. We believe strongly in the future of American agriculture and people of color are a critical part of that future.

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